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Building Men of Integrity - One Horse at a Time...


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Arivaca Boys Ranch for Troubled Teen Boys.

Creating a Lasting Change of Heart, Not Just a Change of Behavior. Teenage Boys from All Over the Country Find Hope and Healing at Arivaca Boys Ranch.


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Equine Therapy

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Arbinger Principles

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How Our Program will Help Your Son

The Arivaca Way


How Our Program will Help Your Son

The Arivaca Way

About Arivaca Ranch

Arivaca’s unique approach focuses on internal heart change through healthy relationships and less focus on “behavior modification.”

No one wants to be forced, and those that are forced into submission, eventually revert back to old ways of behavior once the agents of power are gone. Real change only occurs when one’s desires change. The only power we can hope for over another is “Influence.” The Arivaca Way creates an environment where “influence” (of staff, parents, and peers) helps facilitate that change in the heart of each young man.

Through the successful implementation of Arbinger principles, and a very unique and intensive Equine Program, we witness the magic of “influence” in young men’s lives as they shift their desires towards behaviors that improve relationships with parents and other significant people in their lives.


Arbinger is an extremely powerful relationship/culture building philosophy used by families, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, etc, to transform ones life or culture to one of guilt free peaceful cooperative living, versus a life of anger, blame, unaccountability, and personal unhappiness.

Arivaca Boys Ranch and Home serves 30 boys, age 13 to 17, on a 240 acre, 140-year-old horse and cattle ranch. The boys ranch program is specifically designed to provide therapeutic help for teenage boys, teaching them how to make better decisions and become more mature in their thinking. While learning life skills and behavior management, they continue to receive “ook learning” in our accredited on-campus school.

The Arivaca Way

Building Men of Integrity

  • Historic 100 Year Old Ranch
  • Small Program with Personalized AttentionCaring
  • Trained Staff
  • Accredited High School Program
  • Personal, Family, and Group Therapy
  • Unique World Class Equine Program


If your son struggles with school, is defiant, has attention deficit, is experimenting with drugs, stealing, lying, sneaking out, depressed, breaking your heart, then you may need our help. We help teen boys exhibiting:



Through hard work, responsibility, communication and healthy relationships, on our boys ranch we teach boys how to resolve their most troubling conflicts the right way. We teach them a different way of being . . . a way out of conflict and turmoil through making better choices.


Ron Searle

MBA, Ranch Founder

Our Founder

Ron and his wife-of-37-years Peggy live on the ranch and oversee all of its operations. He tries to be personally involved with the boys as much as possible.

Ron has 20 years of experience in youth education both as an instructor and a High School principal, and 10 years as a University Instructor at Arizona State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in family financial counseling and a Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State. He has spent many years counseling and working with struggling youth. Ron has 37 years of horse experience and is a “Horse Whisperer”. He also has over 20 years of working with young men in church-related and Boy Scout activities. He has served as a Varsity Scout Coach, a Venture Post Leader, and a Unit Commissioner for the Boy Scouts program. Ron’s desire to help young people, and his love of horses has led to the vision known as Arivaca Boys Ranch. Ron also is a licensed Arbinger Instructor and is committed to the Arbinger principles as a cultural basis for the ranch. Ron is dedicated to young people and their happiness.

Ron and Peggy have eight children and are the happy grandparents of sixteen.

what parents say about us
Everybody at the ranch has done a great job and we are so happy and proud of what he (our son) has done. He has grown so much and come so far, and now realizes just what he can be.
Steave & Maggie AParents | Arivaca
I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for the tremendous work you have done in showing our son the love that he deserves and received. I am truly amazed at the tremendous growth that has taken place in our son.
Mark and Kay B.Parents | Arivaca
Thanks for all you do. We couldn’t be happier and more at peace with where our son is right now. What a blessing you have been in our lives, Thanks will never be enough to pay back the debt we owe you.
TerryParents | Arivaca

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