Arivaca Boys Ranch for Troubled Teen Boys

Creating a Lasting Change of Heart, 
Not Just a Change of Behavior

Teenage Boys from All Over the Country Find Hope and Healing at Arivaca Boys Ranch

arivaca boys ranchArivaca’s unique approach focuses on internal heart change through healthy relationships and less focus on “behavior modification.” No one wants to be forced, and those that are forced into submission, eventually revert back to old ways of behavior once the agents of power are gone. Real change only occurs when one’s desires change. The only power we can hope for over another is
“Influence.” The Arivaca Way creates an environment where “influence” (of staff, parents, and peers) helps facilitate that change in the heart of each young man.

Through the successful implementation of *Arbinger principles,  and a very unique and intensive Equine Program, we witness the magic of “influence” in young men’s lives as they shift their desires towards behaviors that improve relationships with parents and other significant people in their lives.

At Arivaca Boys Ranch, young men are not forced to participate. They are allowed to make mistakes. To some this seems counter intuitive, however, it is very powerful. Through design, young men will experience the world of consequences, the consequences that the laws of the universe provide. They learn to recognize how their choices and actions affect how they see and feel about themselves; how they affect others in their lives; and, ultimately their own happiness. Boys participate in peer directed disciplinary councils, process groups, giving and receiving a lot of positive feedback. The power experienced with boys teaching and helping boys is incredible.

  • Horses are used to give the boys immediate feedback. They learn to regulate their emotions. They learn to control their desires for immediate gratification, and to patiently work with others in difficult situations. Each young man will train his own wild horse, using principles that parallel those used in building healthy relationships of trust with others.
  • Therapy with licensed staff is a key component to each young mans success. Each young man has individual and family therapy weekly. Group therapy is held four times a week as well as routine process groups to deal with life as it unfolds. Our staff Psychiatrist helps evaluate young men, adjusts medications as needed, and provides insight into each young man’s treatment plan.
  • School is an important part of the daily schedule. Arivaca is a satellite campus of Sequoia Choice High School. Many move ahead, getting college credits.

The entire program is therapeutic. Like a big jigsaw puzzle, each component from ranch work, recreation time, school, and therapy all work together as a laboratory for each young man to discover self worth and provide the tools for emotional regulation, making good choices, and building enduring relationships.  

The Arivaca Way – Building Men of Integrity

-Historic 100 Year Old Ranch
-Small Program with Personalized AttentionCaring,
-Trained Staff
-Accredited High School Program
-Personal, Family, and Group Therapy
-Unique World Class Equine Program

Arbinger is an extremely powerful relationship/culture building philosophy used by families, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, etc, to transform ones life or culture to one of guilt free peaceful cooperative living, versus a life of anger, blame, unaccountability, and personal unhappiness.

Arivaca Boys Ranch and Home serves 35 boys, age 13 to 17, on a 23,000 acre, 140-year-old cattle ranch. The boys ranch program is specifically designed to provide therapeutic help for teenage boys, teaching them how to make better decisions and become more mature in their thinking. While learning life skills and behavior management, they continue to receive “book learning” in our accredited on-campus school.


If your son struggles with school, is defiant, has attention deficit, is experimenting with drugs, stealing, lying, sneaking out, depressed . . . breaking your heart . . . then you may need our help. We help teen boys exhibiting:


Through hard work, responsibility, communication and healthy relationships, on our boys ranch we teach boys how to resolve their most troubling conflicts the right way. We teach them a different way of being . . . a way out of conflict and turmoil through making better choices.

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