Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen boys, with a focus on using equine therapy. - troubled teen ranches and boarding schools.

Boys Ranch Daily Activities


At the Arivaca Boys Ranch, there are 10 boys to each bunkhouse. Boys live in “families” of 5 with a Wrangler (staff member) supervising them. The boys participate in chores, meal prep and clean-up, and all house cleaning. Browse through the Daily Schedule below and feel free to learn more about living at the Boys Ranch, its beautiful ranch setting, the horses, and the staff.

Sample Daily Schedule

Monday through Friday

6:00 AM

Staff Mtg

6:30 AM

Wake-up, get dressed, personal hygiene, light calesthenics

7:00 AM

(Prepare, Eat & Clean up)

7:30 AM

Review Daily Schedule & Morning Reflection

8:00-8:30 AM

Animal Chores

9:00-11:30 AM

Daily Chores or Projects or
School (Schedule Rotates)

12:00 PM

Lunch (Prepare, Eat & Clean up)

1:00-4:00 PM


4:00-5:00 PM


5:00 PM

Animal Chores

5:30 PM

Dinner (Prepare,
Eat & Clean up)

6:30 PM

Reading & Homework

7:30 PM

Evening Time includes Recreation, Programs & Reflections

8:30 PM

Journal Writing & Shower Time

9:00 PM

Retire to Bed

  • Activities

    Saturday: Chores, general clean up, study time, sports & recreational activity, movie, etc.

  • Sunday: Later wake up for brunch provides a change of pace for Students. Religious studies are available and encouraged based on Parents preferences. Inspirational Services conducted by Students, Staff, and Guest Speakers. A variety of sports, recreational, cultural, local attractions, and movies will be provided.

The daily & weekend routines will vary at times to involve activities such as:

  • Ranch Work Projects
  • Community Work or Service Projects
  • Recreational and/or Social Activity

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Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic ranch and home for boys providing troubled teens with responsibility, mentoring and counseling. Our home for boys serves troubled teens from in Texas, in California (CA), in Oregon and in Washington State on the West Coast and in Arizona, in New Mexico, in Oklahoma and in Nevada in the Southwest, from in Arkansas, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, and in Mississippi, in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana and in Illinois in the Central States, from in Montana, in North Dakota, in Minnesota, and in Idaho in the north, and from in Georgia, in Florida, in Virginia, in New York, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Virginia, and in New Jersey along the and in the east coast.

Activities | Arivaca Boys Ranch

Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen boys, with a focus on using equine therapy.