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A ranch where productive behavior and responsibility is learned.

Bad behavior in teenage boys can have many causes. Most boys have mild rebelion when passing through the adolescent stage where a desire for independence and control is at odds with the parents’ desire for discipline and responsibility. Under normal circumstances, that is manageable. For other families, everything they’ve tried has been ineffective. There can be many reasons for the ineffectiveness but in almost all cases there is an underlying problem that is beyond the scope of the parents’ skills to deal with it.

Oppositional Defiance

Oppositional Defiance is a destructive behavior that can tear families apart and eliminate success in school and other social settings. A qualified mental health professional needs to confirm the diagnosis. If you are seeing tantrums, pointless arguments, deliberate annoyance, aggressive behavior with peers and siblings, or excessive blaming over extended periods of time, your son needs much more help than you are ever able to give him. A boarding school for boys such as Arivaca Boys Ranch has had a great deal of success in working with oppositional boys with astounding results that allows parents to get back the boy they thought they had.

165884_395624917192522_2032087642_nAttention Deficits and Hyperactivity

The inability to focus with or without agitated behavior gets in the way of a teenager’s ability to learn and get along. It is much more common in boys than in girls. There are strategies where parents and teenagers can learn to cope with the conditions. This is where Arivaca Boys Ranch is highly successful.

Drug and Alcohol Dependency Issues

Drugs and Alcohol abuse in teenage boys (and girls) has become commonplace. Teenagers have come to see drugs and alcohol use as recreation where adults remember it as a problem of the slums and ignorant people. New ways of communicating are needed to cut through the communication barrier. 

Stress and Anger Issues

Stress and anger issues can arise from any number of conditions or learned behaviors. Discovering the underlying problems and treating them is the key to success. Again, individual therapy and group counseling are very helpful in toning down the high stress and rapid anger reactions of teenage boys.

Academic Deficiencies

Arivaca Boys Ranch, with plenty of individual tutoring help, is a key to getting boys to experience success in academics and gain a renewed motivation to learn and experience more. Lack of success at school breeds frustration and animosity. Boys can get their school years back on track while learning techniques to allow for improvement in behavior and responsibility.

Get Your “Good Son” Back! We Can Help Your Son!

Arivaca may be what you really need to succeed as a parent when your son is suffering from a condition that causes his behavior to be unacceptable and disruptive to the family. Whatever other desires there are for your son’s future, above all you just want him back normal. Let Arivaca Boys Ranch intervene and we will give you your son back.


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Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic ranch and home for boys providing troubled teens with responsibility, mentoring and counseling. Our home for boys serves troubled teens from in Texas, in California (CA), in Oregon and in Washington State on the West Coast and in Arizona, in New Mexico, in Oklahoma and in Nevada in the Southwest, from in Arkansas, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, and in Mississippi, in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana and in Illinois in the Central States, from in Montana, in North Dakota, in Minnesota, and in Idaho in the north, and from in Georgia, in Florida, in Virginia, in New York, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Virginia, and in New Jersey along the and in the east coast.

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Boarding school for boys located in Arizona.

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