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Boot camp for kids is just one option for replacing a destructive environment

Depending on what you seek, there may be better solutions

Boot camp for kids might possibly be an alternative you need to consider. However, if you have never looked for help before, there are many more alternatives to consider than you might imagine. A boot camp for kids can address just one or two of the possible reasons your teenage boy has become unmanageable. When you realize that getting help is something you need to do, consider treatment that helps change behavior as well as provides experiences to gain responsibility and motivation. Couple that with regaining lost academic opportunities and you will get your son back in better shape and with greater long-term results. Arivaca Boys Ranch can provide all those needs.

Boot Camp for KidsGenerations today gained their experiences in completely different worlds. We are all products of our environments. Teenage behavior has much less to do with genetic dispositions than it does with permissive environments. Probably no time in history has the generation gap been so wide. From the point of view of most parents and grandparents today, sneaking a beer or cigarette was a shameful way to be rebellious. Today, smoking crack or mainlining crystal meth has become acceptable experiments by far too many of the new generation. The younger generation doesn’t see what the older generation does and it isn’t all about just age differences. That is the simple reason why parents need to find help with the knowledge to bridge the generational gap–someone who knows how to manipulate a young man’s behavior to help him see how far off track he has gone.

There isn’t one single solution

Boot camp for kids is not the only answer, nor is it necessarily the best answer under the circumstances. The judgment of parents, in concert with a professional who is skilled in adolescent psychology, may find better overall solutions. There are a lot of differences between juvenile boot camps and working ranches such as Arivaca Boys Ranch. A boot camp for boys is mostly about modifying the response to discipline and that modification is largely based on fear motivation. Arivaca Boys Ranch, on the other hand, is all about moving those responses to internal decision-making. Real progress cannot be made with a teenager’s behavior modification until proper judgment can be moved to an internal location in each boy.

Parents must learn new ways

The first issue is to educate parents. Parents are an integral part of our treatment program. They must come to realize that they need to shed the guilt and learn what works when dealing with abnormal and unacceptable behavior. Learning such parenting skills is not about whether a parent loves the child enough; it is about learning to work around a child’s bad reflexes to parent-child communication.

A new environment will work best

boot camp for kidsThe second critical issue is to drastically change the boy’s environment. As the unacceptable behavior gets entrenched, teenagers find and create a comfort zone where their manipulation is most effective. That place is usually within the home and with his current “friends”. These boys need to be unplugged from that environment, changed, and then be correctly plugged back into a healthy home environment. A quick turnaround at a boot camp for kids is not going to accomplish that goal. It may look like it does for awhile, but that will be by design of the teenager manipulating his way back into his comfort zone.

Consequences are different than they think

Next, these teenage boys need to come to realize that their actions have consequences and learn to care what those consequences are. For this purpose, we employ a two-pronged approach. The first is equine therapy and the second is individual and group psychological counseling. Counseling helps to relate the experiences learned in equine therapy to everyday life and relationships. In equine therapy, we use Arabian horses which have a lot of the same reflexive behavioral characteristics as the boys: resistance to being forced, insistence in getting their own way, stubbornness. Additionally, the horses are a lot bigger than the boys and can easily resist being manipulated or forced into doing anything. By learning new ways to get the horses to do what the boys want, these boys learn the skills of negotiating and alternative communication. Arabian horses, like the boys, stay detached in relationships until a bond is formed. Once formed, many of these boys learn first hand (and quickly) what a close, trusting relationship feels like and what a good feeling that is. Equine therapyis an exceptional way to teach a boy how to want to modify his behavior from within and what a great payback that can create.

Education: Keystone to success

Finally, nothing is a greater modifier than a broadened education. Already retarded in their own academic growth by their own bad choices, these boys need to have a chance to regain and then surpass their age-related educational level. This, too, is not going to happen in the home environment or in over-crowded classrooms. Arivaca Boys Ranch has a fully-accredited high school curriculum where boys can regain credits and have them transferred back to their home schools. They get a lot of one-on-one help. But more importantly, these boys learn what success feels like and they build an appreciation for hard work and achievement of excellence. They learn to decide from within how important excellence in education is in affecting their future life in positive ways.

The cost of doing nothing

Is it expensive? Yes and no. Is a lost childhood and wasted adolescence expensive? More than you could possibly imagine. Frankly, prisons and streets are overflowing with people in just that situation who never got the chance to get their course corrected. Arivaca Boys Ranch, with a community and spacious land in southern Arizona, has horses waiting to be trained, psychological counseling, an accredited high school, with food and housing in a positive, corrective environment. Expense is not just about money. See what others have said about their experiences. Doing nothing is actually the most expensive decision you can make when it costs your child the forfeiture of a successful life.

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