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Boys Boarding Schools that Specialize in Working with Troubled or At-Risk Boys Can Be Very Effective

Boys boarding schools, working ranches, or military schools—what is the right choice for your misbehaving boy? Each offers a different approach to returning your son to a normal path for his future life. Read and find out what Arivaca Boys Ranch offers that sets it apart.

When you reach the end of the rope, take a break

Boys boarding schools probably is the farthest thing from a parent’s mind when your son is born. Somewhere along to line to adolescence, relationships between children and parents sometimes slip. When it slips too far, a lot of anguish and anger can surface. Boys boarding schools can provide a family with a life-saving chance to reduce the pressure in the family.

Parents must accept that some things are beyond their control

Boys Boarding SchoolsNot all boys boarding schools address are therapeutic.  Most aren’t and don’t accept troubled teens. And “shock” and “scared straight”  programs and military schools don’t work on kids with medical or psychological reasons for why their attitudes have gone bad. A history of these in the family makes them even more likely. Depression can affect people of all ages. It is not true that it only affects adults. We now know the physiological effects of depression exist in all ages. Depressive symptoms most often include anxiety and poor sleep habits (too much or too little). Thus, not only do young men feel bad about themselves, but are often touchy and irritable at anything and everything that upsets them. Depression is often defined as anger turned inward.

Second, attention deficit disorder (ADD) is often a major problem with teenagers doing poorly in school. Often it is accompanied by hyperactivity (ADHD). This condition seriously frustrates good behavior and can nearly stop the ability to listen and learn. It occurs more often than you might think.

Third, oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) affects one in ten teenagers. Sufferers present outrageous discipline problems, looking for fights to pick, meanness to siblings and parents, and meanness even to friends. Boys with ODD can be totally disrespectful of all authority at home and at school and will not do anything they don’t want to do. Sure, all teenagers have a little of this, but if this kind of behavior continues for longer than six months, you have a problem that is going to need outside intervention.

Alcohol or other chemical dependencies exacerbate problems, too

Boys Boarding SchoolsAlcohol and drugs contribute more to the problems of teenagers than parents are prepared to imagine. Many parents are not even aware that it is an issue for their sons or daughters. Once there is an awareness of this as a contributing factor, there are specialists who can help you deal with it. Arivaca Boys Ranch has such specialists on staff.

Seek help for your teen boy

Each of these relatively common conditions can exist alone or in any combination together. That makes them difficult to treat, although treating one condition can help improve the other.

How can boys boarding schools help and what are the differences?

Well, certainly, that depends on the type of boarding school you choose for your boy.

  • Military schools and boys’ boot camps focus on boys who are motivated by the military lifestyle, possess a desire to be responsible and strengthen self-discipline and academic skills. Boot camps are generally of a short duration and are not as effective at changing behavior.
  • Short term wilderness camps Wilderness programs are effective and therapeutic, but often just not long enough to evoke lasting internal change. Wilderness camps do not have academic programs and cost nearly three times as much on a per day basis.
  • Boys ranches offer a long-term program where deficiencies can be treated with staff specifically trained in each area. Arivaca Boys Ranch is a working horse ranch using equine therapy as a big part of learning behavior control as well as responsibility and care for something other than self. Read some of our parent referrals and see what others’ experiences have been.

boysArivaca Boys Ranch is a boys boarding school that offers something different

Arivaca Boys Ranch is a boarding school for boys that provides leadership to troubled teenage boys and their parents in three major areas…

The Boys Boarding School Environment
A change in environment is needed for a couple of reasons:
Your son’s current environment is contributing to his bad behavior and actually serves to feed it.
A break from each other brings peace to both parents and son. The environment at Arivaca Boys Ranch is conducive to gaining the space and change needed to work on alternate behavior. Since it is a working horse ranch, there are plenty of things to do to help guide mind, attitude, and behavior in new directions.

Improving School Academics
The disruptions in the family, poor schoolwork and bad relationships undoubtedly have bad effects on success in education. As grades suffer over time, opportunities for his future dwindle. Arivaca Boys Ranch contains a fully accredited high school with plenty of one-on-one help to assist your son in recovering lost educational opportunities that otherwise might be impossible.

An Opportunity For A Behavior Adjustment

arbingerThrough both group and individual therapy, our therapists can help you uncover the underlying problem that has caused such a serious disruption to your family life and your feeling of success as a parent. The staff at Arivaca Boys Ranch is not only here for your son, it is here to help you, too. With seminars for parents, we keep parents involved with their sons and work on normalizing the family relationship.

Boys boarding schools that are therapeutic, like Arivaca Boys Ranch, can help give the change in environment and release from the constant friction of a home life torn by contention, defiance and anger. The crossroads between childhood and adulthood can be rocky and rough. The staff at Arivaca Boys Ranch is a boys boarding school that is here to help. We can help mend the breaks in the family by re-instilling the self-motivation, self-discipline, and self-esteem needed to embark on a successful adult life.

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