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Boys Ranches in Queen Creek, Arizona

Boys Ranches in Queen Creek, Arizona Could Learn from the Effective Methods Arivaca Boys Ranch Uses to Make a Change in Troubled Boys

dad Get Your “Good Son” Back in 90 Days at Arivaca Boys Ranch – Back to Clear Thinking and Positive Pursuits.  Arivaca Helps Troubled Teen Boys from throughout the Southwest and West Coast, Including from Queen Creek, AZ.

Even though some defiance and destructive behavior simply comes with adolescence, a number of teenage boys exhibit behavior that goes beyond the resources of dedicated parents to cope with.

If you are considering intervention for your son, perhaps by looking for a boarding school or a boys ranch in or near Queen Creek, Arizona, check out Arivaca Boys Ranch nearby in Arizona.  It offers a unique mix of Natural Horsemanship-based Equine Therapy, back-to-basics ranch life, and Arbinger Institute relationship and people skills.

Arivaca Boys Ranch and boarding school for boys serves teen boys from Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, the Southwest, the West Coast, and also from Queen Creek, Arizona. The therapeutic ranch-based program leads to respectful young men who have learned to make positive choices. Though the ranch is not in Queen Creek, Arizona, the life experience offered on this working ranch is priceless and should not be ignored as you search for therapeutic ranches in Queen Creek, Arizona.

The Arivaca Way!

boys ranchThe distinctive culture of this powerful therapeutic boarding school program takes place on a working ranch setting on 23,000 acres of historic land southwest of Tucson, Arizona, which is not far from Queen Creek, Arizona.

Boys work through five levels as they build confidence and learn the power of positive choices to result in positive experiences. Therapy includes advanced Equine Therapy, teaching each boy to become a “Horse Whisperer,” plus the people principles of the Arbinger Institute.

Utilized by corporate executives, bosses and public relations people, Arbinger principles help boys solve their deepest and most difficult relational problems—problems that have continued despite all efforts to solve them. The Arbinger phenomenon known as self-deception is a profoundly effective framework for improving the  relationships of every individual.

In Our Boys Ranch, Arbinger Principles and Equine Therapy are the Two Therapeutic Approaches that Lead to a Powerful Change in Troubled Boys.

Part of the therapy is also that boys take part in animal chores and daily tasks on the ranch, complete with twice yearly cattle roundups. They stay in bunkhouses and work in family groups of five, overseen by a staff “Wrangler” who lives with and leads them through the program. Important lessons of responsibility and hard work are learned in the daily ranch chores and working with animals.

Equine Therapy: Horses Teach Powerful Life Lessons

Because horses are social animals and give honest feedback to the emotions of the handler.  They become a mirror and a powerful metaphor to reveal to boys their own behavior. Horses are highly sensitive to body language and attitudes. A frustrated or obstinate boy will soon find himself with a frustrated, obstinate horse. By training the same horse during the program, boys learn to establish relationships, have power over their emotions, demonstrate patience, and much more.

Education and Vocational Training at the Arivaca Boys Ranch and Boarding School

schools for troubled teenagersTeenagers at the boys ranch experience accomplishments in ranch life and in academics, growing confidence to effectively continue their High School education. School takes place during afternoons and weekends. Teachers instruct small classes through the personalized, accredited Sequoia Choice distance learning curriculum. Boys complete core high school requirements, plus vocational work in welding, woodworking, agriculture, and others.

Arivaca Boys Ranch transforms teenage boys with rebellious or difficult behavior into hard-working, productive young men. While you search for a boarding school or therapeutic boys program in or near Queen Creek, Arizona, please consider how the atmosphere at Arivaca Boys Ranch can get your son back on track. Please explore our website to learn more about our culture and therapy, and contact us today. Just click the inquire button to fill in the online inquiry form.

We invite you to discover the Arivaca Way, as hundreds of families from Queen Creek, Arizona and across the southwest have already experienced.

More about boys ranches in or near Queen Creek, Arizona:
Queen Creek is a town in Maricopa and Pinal counties in the U.S. state of Arizona. The population was 26,361 at the 2010 census.
Excerpt about boys ranches in Queen Creek, Arizona, used with permission from Wikipedia.

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