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A Defiant Teen Can Wreak Havoc

How Can I Get My Family Back Together?

Defiant TeenA defiant teen can wreak havoc on a family’s relationships. It is especially destructive to the other children to see their parents engaged in such anger. Defiance takes on a whole new meaning when it becomes personal. It is hard to have normal parental reactions when a parent feels that all respect seems gone and the angry attacks take on a personal affront. Whether you think it is your fault or not, you need help with a defiant teen to make your way through some of the toughest times you will ever experience as a parent. The professionals at Arivaca Boys Ranch can give you the right help.

Do You Blame Yourself When Your Kids Go Wrong?

The most natural thing in the world to do when things go wrong in the family is to blame yourself as a parent. Maybe there are a few things you could have done better, but when the behavior reaches such an extreme level, you have to realize that something else much more serious and much more personal to your teenage son is going on. As a parent, that type and level of behavior cripples your confidence, ties your emotions in knots, and blanks out any objective view of what options might work. In short, you become totally reactive to the defiant behavior. How do you think the siblings feel? As close as you are to your children, they are even closer to each other.

Other Factors Could Be at Play

There are a number of conditions that can occur in out of control teens that can be attributed to such negative, obstructive and defiant behavior. The underlying condition has nothing to do with you as a parent. In fact, such conditions can happen to anybody.

One of the most common, and most commonly overlooked, is Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or ODD. This condition affects one out of every ten teenagers and is much more prevalent in boys. Classic signs include disruptive behavior toward family and school, and persistent defiant behavior extending longer than six months.

Bipolar issues in adolescents present much differently than they do in adults. Because of that, adolescent bipolar disorders can be mistaken for other things. In adolescents, moods can shift rapidly several times a day and can appear like crazy behavior that is confusing and disorienting to parents’ reactions.

Defiant Teenresidential home for troubled teens can also help with ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder). This condition doesn’t always manifest itself the same way but the result can create high levels of frustration and anger at school and at parents.

You can get help for troubled teens with drugs and alcohol issues even when that is the furthest thing from a parent’s mind. Today’s youth are more apt to dabble in drugs and alcohol than most parents would have ever thought of at that age. Abuse of chemicals can result in stress and anger, open defiance, and control issues.

When any of these behaviors persist longer than six months, you are very likely to have an entrenched problem on your hands and they are sure signs that you are overdue for outside help.

Why can’t I succeed on my own?

The reason is that parents usually are not equipped with the experiences and skills to react appropriately to such behavior. Even if they were, objectivity is lost when it is your own child. Through parenting seminars, we can train you with new strategies as well as help your soon develop new behavioral tools.

Arivaca Boys Ranch is a working boys ranch. Using equine therapy as a cornerstone of therapy, boys learn the value of work, the feeling of success, and experience renewed self-esteem. Even more, through individual therapy, coupled with wilderness therapy programs, we can provide the help for troubled teens that you have longed for. Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school where individual attention can restore lost academic standing and renew a desire to learn and succeed.

Where Can I Get Help?

Arivaca Boys Ranch is very effective at finding the right combination to change your troubled teen’s behavior and get him back on the right track to become a productive adult. Waiting does nothing but worsen the situation. If you really want to make a difference in your family’s relationships and solidify a great future for your teen, let us help you. If you want to talk over the options, call us, toll-free, at 877-88-MYSON (877-886-9766) and speak to one of our counselors.

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