Equine therapy at Arivaca Boys Ranch offers a unique approach with long-term benefits. - troubled teen ranches and Christian boarding schools.

Equine therapy solidifies behavior adjustments.

equine therapyHow equine therapy can change lives

Equine therapy is but one of the many things that sets us apart as a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. Successful behavioral change at Arivaca Boys Ranch comes with a unique combination of:

  • Wranglers who are adept at adolescent psychology and teach boys about accepting hard work
  • Counselors who counsel and mentor the behavior changes needed to adequately fit back into social settings
  • Teachers who help troubled boys regain academic standing
  • An understanding of the medical and psychological conditions that contribute to unacceptable behavior
  • and the chief ingredient, Equine Therapy


Equine therapy is for improving lives

Equine therapy has many applications. It is noted for its improvement in the physically handicapped and disabled in teaching them how to find success in meeting their life challenges. However, its applications in psychology show profound success at providing daily success, changing behavioral approaches to challenges, and putting out the fires of inflamed tempers and inappropriate social and family reactions.


equineHorses can carry opportunities, too

The chief purpose of equine therapy is to give opportunities for young boys to enjoy successes in their daily lives in any setting. Experiencing success helps them to rebuild self-esteem and self-confidence as well as self-discipline.


How to move hostile behavior toward cooperative behavior

Equine therapy demonstrates the practical application of non-violent behavior. Coupled with education in positive behavior models, such as the Arbinger Principles, we can integrate and internalize that knowledge to bring about desired results in behavior patterns. Our teachers, wranglers, and counselors are all schooled and adept in the application of The Arbinger Principles.


The lessons learned and how a horse can demonstrate them

1. My aggression will provoke your aggression, which in turn escalates my aggression.
2. You can change my behavior and reactions by changing your own.
3. You create your own behavioral problems.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the care and training of horses—equine therapy–where young boys can witness the positive effects of their behavior modification first hand, and to their immediate benefit.


Equine Therapy + Arbinger Principles = Better Lives

Would you like to see your son become a productive, hard-working, successful man? Then it is time to seek help to get away from the spiral of bad behavior. For your troubled teen, the home has become his comfort zone for bad behavior. Moving on requires training in new thinking, but most of all, it will require a change in environment. Visit us at the Arivaca Boys Ranch and find out how it is the quality, positive place to accomplish that goal.


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Equine Therapy | Arivaca Boys Ranch

Equine therapy at Arivaca Boys Ranch offers a unique approach with long-term benefits.

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