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Arivaca Boys Ranch for Troubled Youth

Ranch Living and Home for Boys in a Therapeutic and Serene Ranch Setting

Arivaca Boys Ranch is on a 240 Acre Western Cattle Ranch, Founded in 1878

Arivaca Boys Ranch
Arivaca Boys Ranch
Arivaca Boys Ranch

Located in the rolling hills of Southern Arizona, Arivaca Teen Boys Ranch and Academy is a unique and historic ranch founded in 1878.

The campus is rich in history and stories. Old adobe barns and houses, built in 1890, are still seen on the ranch. This creates a reverent and healing feeling on the ranch that is hard to explain. The Old West is still alive on the Arivaca Boys Ranch — it’s an experience few will ever get a chance to discover.

Cattle and horses graze on the 240 acre property, a fitting part of the working ranch. At night it is not uncommon to hear the coyotes howling. Deer, javelina, quail, and even an occasional cougar are residents of our boys ranch.

Round-ups are held twice a year as nearly 300 young steers are branded. The night air is full of the sound of bawling babies (calves) separated from their mothers for the first time. Round-up’s are done the old-fashioned way, with horses and lariats.

The hills are combed on horseback looking for cows and their babies for a week before the day of branding. Visitors come from near and far (even from overseas) to witness the Arivaca Roundup. Tortillas and beans are cooked up and served, and everyone feels like it is a fiesta . . . it is!

The boys ranch is at 3800 feet elevation. Moderate winters and summers, similar to the climate of inland San Diego, create the perfect year-round climate for “horse play.” Arivaca gets about 17 inches of rain a year. At times of the year, the rolling hills are green with high grass. Evenings and mornings are always cool and pleasant.

This is a perfect environment for working with teen boys and horses in therapy – a great way to teach responsibility and true manliness.





The Western Ranch Community

Arivaca is located less than 60 minutes from the Tucson International Airport. Green Valley is 30 minutes away and the Phoenix airport is approximately 3 hours away.

We invite you to visit the teen boys ranch. Once you feel the serenity and peace of the Arivaca Boys Ranch, you will want to come back again and again.

Arivaca Arizona boys ranch

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