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Residential Homes for Troubled Teens Provide Extraordinairly Effective Therapy for Boys with Behavioral Issues

Residential homes for troubled teens like Arivaca Boys Ranch provide a combination of help, including Equine Therapy and More

Arivaca Boys Ranch is uniquely equipped to help young boys develop strategies to deal with the bad behavior and Attention Deficit Disorders.  Our unique programs offer many more opportunities for success than a child could ever receive in the home environment or as an outpatient.

Residential Homes for Troubled TeensParents of those with behavioral problems are often exhausted and frustrated and can feel at wits-end about what to do with their child. Their classmates do not enjoy being around them because these kids seem strange and undependable. Their peers see that they just do not make good friends. All that adds up to an incredible level of frustration for the young boy and parents that manifests itself in a number of unpleasant ways such as:

  • Failure to give close attention to details
  • Makes careless mistakes in schoolwork
  • Fails to finish schoolwork or chores
  • Cannot sustain attention in tasks or play
  • Does not seem to listen when talked to directly
  • Lacks ability to organize tasks or activities
  • Dislikes tasks requiring sustained mental effort
  • Often loses toys, assignments, pencils, books, or tools
  • Easily distracted
  • Anger and defiance
  • Impulsive behavior without regard to situations

What Arivaca Boys Ranch can do that you cannot

Arivaca Boys Ranch has designed its residential homes for troubled teens around the needs of such young men. Located in southern Arizona, Arivaca provides a setting with a number of distinct advantages over the home environment:

  • The setting limits distractions in the boy’s environment.
  • Our accredited school provides one-on-one instruction with the teacher.
  • We can make sure the child gets enough sleep.
  • We can make sure the child gets a healthy, varied diet, with plenty of fiber and basic nutrients, eliminating foods that aggravate the behavior.
  • We provide professional, one-on-one and group counseling to develop strategies your son can use to improve his situation.
  • We provide equine therapy, one of the peculiarly effective methods of treatment available for treating this condition.

Residential homed for troubled teensEquine Therapy is amazingly effective

Equine therapy is about using horses, particularly Arabians and half-Arabians, to provide an opportunity for boys to find new ways to focus and to solve problems. The horses provide an interesting objective for focus and responsibility development. Horses and boys develop relationships. Care and training takes focus, but it is a fun and interesting focus. The size of the horses provides opportunities to learn how to influence and compromise. Horses help them have the benefits of working something to completion, following-up on responsibility, and improving appropriate communication skills. Like humans, Arabian horses are social animals. They have distinct personalities, moods and attitudes, just as humans do. At times they can be defiant, but they like having fun, too. Caring for and training horses require hard work. Most of all, Arabian horses mirror a person’s behavior, so to be successful, people have to learn to modify their behavior.

We at Arivaca Boys Ranch want to tell you more about the opportunities and services we can provide to help bring your son back to a firm path in the mainstream of life. We teach people how to be productive, responsible adults. Call or contact us at Arivaca Boys Ranch. We are professionals who are eager to help. 

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