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Therapeutic Boarding Schools Can Provide a Solution to Help Your Troubled Son

Finding the Right One Is Not Always Easy, Since they are Not All Alike

arivaca boys ranchTherapeutic boarding schools are just one type of environment you can send your son when you need help with out-of control behavior. Juvenile boot camps, wilderness therapy programs, and military-style boot camps for teens are other examples. The names of the camp types mean a lot, and not all facilities are alike in what they can do and what you can expect. The program names tell you a lot about the focus of the program.

Which is which?

Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school, not a military school or boot camp.

  • We don’t dress like marines.
  • We don’t yell as a form of communication.
  • We will not verbally abuse – put down or berate.
  • We don’t bully anyone.
  • We also will not drag the boys around the wilderness to see if they can “take it.”

What Arivaca Boys Ranch has, is a working horse ranch with duties, responsibilities, and a full-therapy program mounted on four cornerstones:

  • individual counseling and group therapy
  • equine therapy
  • work responsibilities
  • parent integration and involvement in therapy

Therapy Is All About Sustaining Behavior Changes

First and foremost, therapeutic boarding schools are focused on behavior modification, and that doesn’t happen quickly. Discipline comes through the modifications and will arise from within. Boot camp-style discipline only feeds into the action-reaction behavior that these boys already know too well. They know just exactly how much they have to accommodate before they can “blow you off.” Sound familiar? Have you seen that behavior at home? Arivaca Boys Ranch has seen it all before, too, and we know how to work around it.

The First Cornerstone Is Psychological Counseling

Therapeutic boarding schools such as Arivaca Boys Ranch are about therapy – bringing the abnormal back to normal. When your son has reached a stage where his temper, hostile attitude, destructive behavior, or oppositional behavior has reached a point (usually over six months), then it is going to take a professional therapist, specializing in adolescent behavior modification to help you. Most often, an underlying condition exists that is prohibiting parental success. Individual therapy is one part of that intervention. Additionally, the boys are also helped in group therapy sessions where their own problems can be viewed in a proper prospective.

The Second Cornerstone Is Equine Therapy

Equine therapy, the central focus in the Arivaca Boys Ranch environment, has shown astounding results in a number of underlying conditions. Equine therapy is what sets the success of Arivaca Boys Ranch apart from other programs. Using Arabian horses, the boys often meet their first match in stubbornness and independence. In order to accomplish what they need to do with the horses, these boys need to develop new ways of thinking and new strategies for persuasion and getting along. As a result, they begin to bond with the horse, which for many is the first bonding experience they have understood. These new strategies are explored in the individual counseling sessions and that helps them relate the behavior to other situations such as family, school, and social life.

The Third Cornerstone Is Our Working Horse Ranch

Third, their duties and responsibilities on the ranch help focus attention to meeting goals and objectives. For example, by training Arabian horses, they quickly learn that yelling and hitting will not move them toward a successful end of the day. This, alone, is an invaluable lesson for them to learn, and begin to teach those lessons to themselves. Working on a horse ranch is hard work and creates a focus for their energy that is positive and rewarding. They also soon learn that shirking responsibilities creates consequences when they don’t follow through. Equine therapy, coupled with individual and group counseling, creates opportunities to adopt new strategies for coping with today and avoiding problems and temptations in the future. Literally, these boys begin to learn and adopt a new philosophy, based on theArbinger Principles, about their place in the world, their relationship to other people, and the importance of preparing to become successful adults.

The Fourth Cornerstone Is Re-Integrating Parents with Their Sons

Parents are an integral part of therapy – and always should be. At Arivaca Boys Ranch, we know that parents also need to develop new strategies. When parents realize that old strategies don’t work with this boy, it is usually enough to open up parents to seeking help and learning new ways of interacting. We strongly encourage parental involvement with our trained and caring staff to help their sons in the therapeutic process.

Your Next Move Is To Learn All You Can

Contact us and speak to one of the Arivaca Boys Ranch counselors about what a stay at the ranch can do to bring your son back to you. It is a heartbreaking and wrenching time trying to make a decision and we can help you be familiar with the alternations. Call us at our toll-free number, 877-88-MYSON (877-886-9766).

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Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic ranch and home for boys providing troubled teens with responsibility, mentoring and counseling. Our home for boys serves troubled teens from in Texas, in California (CA), in Oregon and in Washington State on the West Coast and in Arizona, in New Mexico, in Oklahoma and in Nevada in the Southwest, from in Arkansas, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, and in Mississippi, in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana and in Illinois in the Central States, from in Montana, in North Dakota, in Minnesota, and in Idaho in the north, and from in Georgia, in Florida, in Virginia, in New York, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Virginia, and in New Jersey along the and in the east coast.

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Ranches should always be about therapy. At Arivaca, our therapy is built on four cornerstone pillars for strength.

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