Transport to boys the Arivaca ranch and therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen boys with behavioral therapy.
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Getting your son to Arivaca if he doesn't want to come.

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Intervention into a young man's life is just that, intervention. When your son is involved in negative activities and behaviors, he usually doesn't see he needs help. Parents therefore have to step in and make something happen before the situation escalates past the point of return.

Once the decision to enroll your son into a program is made, the method to get him there becomes and important issue.

Here are our suggestions in the order of preference:

1 - Bring him to the ranch yourselves (parents). Talk to your son and explain why he should attend Arivaca Boys Ranch. Ask him to willingly participate and explain the benefits and opportunities it provides. If the young man is entering into the court system, enrollment in a program is a way to get "charges" dropped and avoid legal consequences. Explain the "good" he can gain from participation and help him see the benefits for himself. Take time to tour the ranch together and get him settled in.

2 - Send him with a friend or relative. Often young men respond to Uncle George or a good friend. Recruit their help in getting your son to come willingly.

3 - Simply tell him he is going. There are no other options. You know whether or not you son with comply and come against his will. If you can simply "tell" him he is going and can bring him, we can take it from there. We are experienced at helping an unwilling participant get comfortable and settle into the ranch.

4 - Transport Services. For the young man that simply will not come, you can hire the services of a transport company. These professionals are bonded and insured and know how to get your son to the program with little incident. They generally help the young man understand what is happening and work to lessen the anxiety. Costs run from $1500 to $3500 for transport. We are happy to provide some referrals.

Once a young man arrives at the Ranch, several things happen to make it easier for him.

  • First, we are happy, upbeat, and enthusiastic about his attendance and participation in our Ranch.
  • Secondly, we tour the ranch and get him settled in.
  • Thirdly, we let him talk to the other boys who have all gone through the similar experience and will tell him that the Ranch is great and that he will actually like it.

It is amazing how the other boys reach out to a new placement. Some of the more difficult boys take a little more time to adjust and accept their enrollment into the program. This is not a problem, but is part of the therapeutic process that helps us direct him to change.

Please call with any questions regarding transportation or the best way to get your son to participate. We are available to help you any time.


Call us.  Reach us at our toll-free number (877) 88-MYSON or (877) 885-9766 or inquire online.  


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quoteYou will be amazed, like us, to know what can & has been accomplished in only a month with our son! -Parents

Our son has grown so much and come so far, and now realizes just what he can be. You have saved our son, and we just wanted to let you know. -Parents

He is a completely different son! We are so proud of the young man he has become. -Parents

We couldn't be happier and more at peace with where our son is right now. What a blessing you have been in our lives, and I know that it was through divine intervention that the timing of all events that led us to you were in perfect order. -Parents quote2

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