Experiencing the power of influence in young men’s lives to create real change

Our "Arbinger" Principles.

No one wants to be forced, and those that are forced into submission eventually revert back to old ways of behavior once the agents of power are gone. Real change only occurs when one’s desires change. The only power we can hope for over another is the power of influence. The Arivaca Way creates an environment where influence (staff, parents and peers) helps facilitate that change in the heart of each young man.

The Equine Program

Through the successful implementation of Arbinger principles and a very unique and intensive equine program, we witness the magic of influence in young men’s lives as they shift their desires towards behaviors that improve relationships with parents and other significant people in their lives.

The "Arbinger" Way

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Discover the effect of equine therapy
Young man rakes a horse stall clean.

Boys Enter Ranch Life

Each day consists of chores and ranch work. Boys receive counseling to help them adjust and to help them learn the value of correct choices. “Positive Experiences” are the basis of counseling and daily activities, teaching a young man to better his environment and opportunities with positive choices.

Horses calmly stand and graze in a green pasture.

Discover the World of Horses

Although they have little or no experience with horses, boys learn to respect and care for horses. Through positive and safe introductions to horses they overcome fears and develop the skills necessary to care for and ride a horse. They learn the psychology of a horse as a social animal and how to convert that knowledge to their own social interactions.

A youth crouches down in front of horse, petting it.

Foster a 2-3 Year Old Horse

Working with our trainers and wranglers, boys learn patience, sensitivity, and how a horse mirrors their emotions. Most, if not all, of their work with horses is not on horseback. Through these activities, boys experience both success, failure, learn to overcome adversity, and develop communication skills and positive personal growth.

The Equine Approach

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Insight from parents

“He was doing great in school, he had good grades, he was active in soprts, very interactive with me and his friends, very respectful, and then I saw the pattern begin to change. My life was upside down, I would come home early and find him where I could not wake him up from the drugs he has used and I was very scared, felt very alone and didn't know what to do...”
“It was going along very well, he was captain of the football team and things were going terrific and they took a turn and I didn't know what had happened to my son. Steven after all this, is the son that I had before things started to go bad..."